Reciprocating coal feeders

Specially designed for heavy duty applications. They are tested for synchronized flow of materials to the crusher, screening system and to the conveyors. The reciprocating action is made with the aid of crank shaft and the gear box.


Reciprocating feeders suitable for mining, coal preparation plant, coal handling plant, ports and other bulk material transshipment, the bulk material by silo or directly transported to uniform belt conveyor or other screening equipment, storage machine be used in conjunction. Uniform feeding ore, sand, coal, grain and other bulk materials.

In the process of coal mining, coal feeder the role of is often ignored.To the efficiency of the coal machine can directly affect the the crushing amount and production of coal.Therefore, the uniform coal feeder is the most important in coal production.

In many coal preparation plants, cement plants and etc. which need large amount of coal, reciprocating feeder is the most commonly used machines. It applies to feed a variety of non-viscous material.

Reciprocating coal feeders Feature

The volume of feed can be easily adjusted

Simple structure, reliable operation

Supporting small power, low operating costs

Basically no wearing parts, convenient management and maintenance

Investment cost only plate feeder 1/5


Reciprocating coal feedersManufacturer DSMAC Strength

The DSMAC company is a succesful bussiness in China and other countries (50% of it's production is exported). DSMAC is represented in those countries: India, Venezuela, Greece, Slovenia, Yemen, South africa, Iordania, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Maroco, Ethiopia, Eritreea, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Bosnia and Hertegovina, Albania, Portugal, France, Romania, Iraq, Algeria,Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Argentina, Russia, Mongolia etc .

From that moment onwards, DSMAC Crushing Plants, which manufactures crushing, selecting, storage and washing plants for aggregates of mountain and river materials, has grown exponentially, shipping its plants throughout China and the world.

Every year, approximately half of the plants manufactured are exported, confirming the wholly chinese tradition of solidity, robustness, reliability and technologies, today recognised throughout the world.

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