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Heavy duty apron feeder design

Apron feeder application

For market segments
•Mining/power generation
•Iron and steel works
•Tunnel construction
•Chemical industry
•Cement industry


Apron feeder using round steel link chain as the pulling element and driven by pocket wheels, the slats sit and swivel on specially designed attachments.
There was a time when heavy-duty apron feeders were built to last almost forever. The machines were heavy and built to maintain certain expected longevity and reliability. Increasing emphasis on return on capital leads to cost-effective designs. Costs can be increased or decreased, depending on customer specifications and the design philosophy of the feeder manufacturer.


Supplier for heavy-duty apron feeders should be known

There are several factors that should be considered, including capacity, characteristics of material carried, length, and method of feeder loading, degree of lift, hopper opening, pan construction, and type of drive. Today's apron feeders are built in various sizes and with a variety of components to handle heavy, lumpy, or abrasive materials that can ruin lighter feeders. Careful feeder selection is important if it is to provide a controlled feed rate, absorb huge impacts, be used with long hopper openings, and have a relatively low power-perton capacity. Variations in systems and materials demand that each feeder be designed for its application, drawing on a wide range of components. Therefore, certain factors must be considered before final specifications are drawn. Capacity The design and application of an apron feeder is based on how material passes through a given system over the feeder into processing machinery. The processing machinery's capacity governs other equipment and productivity of the flow. From this basic information, related sizes of upstream equipment can be determined. Of these, the apron feeder acts as the "mouth and neck of the bottle." No more will pass than the mouth and neck will accommodate. Everything in the apron feeder design, from dimensions to power, is based on processing machinery. Material Considerations Are Vital Just as the nature of materials to be crushed or screened affects capacity and productivity of a crusher or a grinding mill, so does it affect capacity and performance of a feeder. Lump size must be identified closely so the pan width can be selected to accommodate the maximum lump with room to spare.



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