Apron feeder feeding clay in cement plant/industry

Clay is also used in many industrial processes, such as paper making, cement production, and chemical filtering. Cement is made from limestone and clay mixed after high-temperature calcination., Most of the raw materials to be broken, such as limestone, clay, coal in the cement production process.

Apron feeder improtant role in cement plant

During Stacker’s material piling operation, crushed limestone and clay enter into the stacker feed belt at the same time. The limestone chunk is fed by heavy type apron feeder to hammer crusher, and put on stacker feed belt after crushing; the clay in the tent is fed by apron feeder to impact crusher, and also put on stacker feed belt after crushing. The proportion of limestone and clay should be constant with slight excessive clay, and be revised by limestone in raw material storage before grinding. The apron feeder for transporting the two materials can achieve stable feeding after speed regulation.

apron feeder for clay in cement industry

Apron feeders are used to feeding clay, limetone, coal in cement plant / industry .

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Source: http://www.apron-feeder.com/Apron-feeder-feeding-clay-in-cement-plant.html

Tag: Apron feeder feeding clay working in cement plant/industry

Source: http://www.apron-feeder.com/Apron-feeder-feeding-clay-in-cement-plant.html

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